ANN: Release of NetworkManager 0.8.999 (0.9-rc2)


I've tagged and uploaded 0.8.999 which has quite a few fixes from the
last release, including:

- IPv6 compliance and RDNSS lifetime fixes
- systemd cooperation fixes
- API fixes for clients creating wifi connections
- API additions to make client code simpler
- startup efficiency fixes by not parsing the ConsoleKit database more
than required
- Fixes for IBM s390 CTC-type network devices
- Fixes for WWAN enable/disable status
- Fixes for ifcfg-rh configuration plugin handling of IP addresses
- Support for Easytether Android handset tethering
- Better handling of rfkill for WiFi and WiMAX interfaces
- Addition of IPv6 support for dispatcher scripts
- Fixed handling of DER-format certificates
- Give modems more time to unlock themselves after PIN entry
- Fix creation of 802.1x-enabled connections in the applet
- Don't crash gnome-bluetooth on some failures when creating new DUN
- Much better handling of IP addresses in the editor

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release: Jiří Klimeš, Lennart
Poettering, Karsten Hopp, Torsten Spindler, Eckhart Wörner, and anyone I
may have forgotten.

Downloads in the usual places; new to the list is a plugin for OpenSWAN
that's existed in Fedora and RHEL for a while, but we figured it should
get upstream so everyone could try it out.  That in particular needs


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