Re: NM - WPS and WiFi Direct

On Mon, 2011-06-27 at 13:05 +0530, raghunathan kailasanathan wipro com
> Hi NM,
> Does NM support WPS based Wifi connections (like PIN/PBC) ?

Not at this time, but there are notes about how to do it in the TODO
file in NM git if anyone wants to write up a patch for it.  It's not too
hard.  It's been discussed a bunch before but there wasn't any available
time to do it.

> How about WiFi Direct(P2P) it there yet ? ... I would like to understand whether there are some developer discussions going on around these topics...if yes, could you please point me to those.

WiFi direct isn't implemented yet either because the wpa_supplicant
pieces are only just getting stable, and there aren't many kernel
drivers yet that support Direct.  That's going to change in the next
year or so though, so we should start thinking about this.
Unfortunately Direct implies that we need to think hard about the user
interface too; if you want to connect to a printer but you're already
connected to an AP, and the printer is using a different WiFi channel,
you either need to fail that request or alert the user that their
current connection will break.  That sort of thing.  But that's
solvable, just needs somebody to do it.


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