Re: Howto debug OpenVPN connection?

On Mon, 2011-06-20 at 23:35 -0400, Eric B. wrote:
> Hi,
> I am fairly new to the NetworkManager, and am trying to understand how 
> to enable additional debug information for a failing OpenVPN connection.
> I've installed the OpenVPN plugin, but I am not getting enough 
> information in /var/log/messages and would like to see if there is a way 
> to enable additional information.  Is there some configuration flag 
> somewhere that I can enable for this?

killall -TERM nm-openvpn-service
/path/to/nm-openvpn-service --debug --persist

that works for newer versions of nm-openvpn (like 0.8.1 and later); for
earlier versions you may need to:

killall -TERM nm-openvpn-service
OPENVPN_DEBUG=1 /path/to/nm-openvpn-service --persist

where of course /path/to/ gets replaced with where that binary lives;
for non-Debian systems it's usually /usr/libexec otherwise I'm not sure
where it lives.


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