Re: [ModemManager] Alternating AT and QCDM during port probing?

On Wed, 2011-06-15 at 00:35 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hi Dan & list,
> Would it be a good idea to alternate QCDM port probing along with the AT
> port probing?, something like:
>  * Try AT command(s)
>  * If timeouts, try QCDM
>  * If timeouts, try again AT command(s)
>  * If timeouts, trya gain QCDM
>  * If timeouts, try again AT command(s)
>  * If timeouts, failed probing.
> In this way, QCDM ports would be detected after just 1 timeout ideally,
> and not after the 3 timeouts of the AT ports. Or even worse, as in the
> ZTE plugin for example, which needs 6 AT command timeouts before
> starting QCDM probing (3 ATE0+CPMS? and 3 AT+GCAP?).
> Or is there a good reason to leave QCDM probing always for after AT
> probing?

I think it was after just because it was added later and I didn't want
to destabilize things too badly.  But this approach could work better,
yes.  I don't believe there's a case where AT commands simply time out
without a response.


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