Re: ModemManager: new 'cinterion' plugin and more support for RS232 modems

> Finished developing a new 'cinterion' plugin for Cinterion/Siemens-based
> modems (see [1]).
> This development is ready for review in the 'plugin-cinterion' branch in
> the following Gitorious repository [2]:
>    git://
> The branch is based on the 'protect-callbacks' branch (already reported
> in another email, see [3]) and organized in 4 different chunks:
>  (a) 9057514..85ac24b (4 commits): Generic fixes in the core codebase,
> including new properties in the generic GSM object to enable plugins use
> their own CMER, CNMI and CPMS commands.
>  (b) 4cbb9df..d0f81d5 (8 commits): New plugin with support for
> Cinterion/Siemens USB modems.
>  (c) 8d42b58..09b5ff9 (6 commits): Additional generic support for RS232
> modems, including:
>    * Vendor ID and product ID retrieval during AT port probing (already
> discussed before in the mailing list, see [4]).
>    * Allow plugins to request being sorted last in the list of plugins,
> so that plugins which may handle RS232 modems are the last ones being
> tested (they are not based only on udev's vendor-id check, so they
> always launch AT port probing if no other plugin took the probing step
> before).
>    * New ScanDevices() method in ModemManager object in D-Bus, to
> request a new re-scan of all non-grabbed ports. RS232 modems are not
> detected automagically as there is no udev event notifying they were
> connected, so a system wanting to use RS232 modems should be able to
> request a port re-scan to look for newly connected modems.
>    * A new method to set a modem as invalid and get it removed if up to
> N consecutive AT commands get timed out. Disabled for all plugins by
> default.
>  (d) c1ded2e..0cc3d40 (4 commits): Improved the cinterion plugin with
> support for Cinterion/Siemens RS232 modems, based on the previous
> generic RS232 fixes.

This has been pushed to git master after Dan's review.



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