Re: [PATCH 1/4] dtd: enhance APN types, add APN plans

Hello everyone,

What if an APN is used for both post- and prepaid (which all I have
encountered have been)? Is the idea then to tag them as postpaid?
One alternative would be to further enhance the database format in
order to permit multiple plans for the APN


I am trying to enhance the DTD so this could be possible. So, something like this:

<!ENTITY prepaid "p1">
<!ENTITY postpaid "p2">

and the test input is:

<apn value="test" type="internet" plan="prepaid postpaid"/>

However, when validating, xmllint gives an error:

serviceproviders.xml:XX: validity error : ENTITIES attribute plan reference an entity "postpaid" of wrong type
                        <apn value="test" type="internet" plan="postpaid prepaid">
Any idea what could be wrong and how this can be achieved? Thanks in advance!

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