Re: Problems with Plasma NetworkManagement

Em Sunday 03 July 2011, Lamarque Vieira Souza escreveu:

> Em Saturday 02 July 2011, Dan Williams escreveu:

> > Yeah, the applet and editor are two separate processes. We can send an

> > Update() along anyway if you wish though, I simply had to make a

> > behavior call at the time it was implemented, and we can change that

> > behavior. Obviously agents should be smart enough to know when the

> > incoming secrets are different than what they already have and possibly

> > ignore the Update() if nothing has actually changed.

> >

> > If NM is passing the old secrets, that's clearly not cool, and we need

> > to fix that.


> Well, a new Update() call is not necessary, I just need NM to call

> Update() with the new secrets instead of the old ones. The attached patch

> does exactly that and fix the problem for me. But NM's API does not allow

> me to list all settings from a connection, I have to name them one by one,

> so I created the patch only for NMSettingWirelessSecurity. I think you can

> improve it to work with all other secret settings, right?

Dan Willians, can you comment the patch I sent you last week? This problem is a show-stop for Plasma NM and I would like to have it solve as soon as possible.


Lamarque V. Souza

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