Re: no 3g wan after hibernate

> after hibernation the system asks for the sim pin, which is accepted, but still is unable to connect, see the attached log. I deactivate 3g broadband, then reactivate. After giving it some time, i have it connect to my provider. It then recognizes that it has no SIM PIN available, which is dutifully asked for. After providing, it uses the pin, but obviously to no avail. It asks again. In this log, I aborted it, but I tried before, with every so often specifying the pin, to no avail...

This could probably be fixed if we include pin check process during the
modem enabling (after power-up for example), instead of just after the
modem has been detected. In this case modem was detected before the
hibernation, and after restoring from hibernation the SIM needs the pin


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