Re: [ModemManager] [PATCH 1/4] Split SMS parsing out into a separate file

Hi Dan,

> > > First of four patches that improve SMS handling. This one follows
> > > Dan's suggestion some time ago and splits SMS PDU parsing into a
> > > separate file, making it accessible to unit tests and to other code
> > > that might need it.
> > 
> > you could save yourself a lot of trouble and just use the
> > src/smsutil.[ch] code from oFono. Once you enter the world of SMS
> > fragmentation and reassembly you are really in for a treat. Also the
> > handling of submit and receive receipt messages falls into the nasty
> > area where things get really complicated. Just a hint ;)
> It's GPLv3 though, right?

it is GPLv2.



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