service-provider additions

I've added the final patch for the service-provider additions to the
bug report: 633459

Includes provider information additions for Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,
Costa Rica, Denmark, France (tested), Finland, Greece, Germany,
Indonesia, Mexico, Norway (tested), Poland, Sweden (tested), Spain

Where the bug report describes the addition as "tested", this means
that Toby Churchill have actually sent a tester to that country and
tested the provider information with a real device on that network.
Tests involved ensuring that the relevant voicemail and balance check
methods worked on that network and that the network itself was
correctly identified/described.

All additions have been tested for MCC/MNC validity. Details have been
retrieved from Debian Developers in the relevant countries using SIM
cards obtained by those developers.

It took a while and it's now too late to get these changes into Debian
Squeeze but OTOH, these changes are now being used in a commercially
released embedded product.

Thanks for your help with this process, Dan. Let me know if there are
any problems with the patch.


Neil Williams

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