Re: NM and pm-utils sleep hook

On Sat, 2010-12-18 at 10:01 -0600, Robby Workman wrote:
> Hi Dan, 
> Re this commit:
>   commit 8310593ce48a85aa82d4a2adf805662f2b019ef5
>   Author: Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
>   Date:   Fri Oct 15 10:28:38 2010 -0500
>       core: ignore authorization for sleep/wake requests (but restrict to root) (rh #638640)
>       Everyone uses pm-utils still for sleep/wake support, and that's
>       traditionally how NM was put to sleep and woken up.  But pm-utils
>       uses dbus-send without --print-reply so dbus-send quits immediately
>       after sending the message.  That doesn't give NM enough time to
>       get the senders UID and thus validate the request, so the request
>       gets denied, and sometimes NM stays asleep after the machine is
>       woken up.
>       Instead, don't get the sender's UID and try to authorize it, but
>       just let the request go through.  Rely on D-Bus permissions to
>       make sure that only root can call sleep/wake methods.
> Why not have NM ship the pm-utils sleep hook instead of having to
> work around what they ship?  Last I checked, NM is the only app
> for which upstream pm-utils ships a sleep hook, and Victor (the
> lead dev there) was hoping to have apps ship their own so that
> he didn't have to maintain stuff that he may not be familiar with.

I'm happy to ship the hooks in NM.  I've talked about doing that for a
couple years already, it's just never happened :)


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