Re: Mobile Broadband Status of Bluetooth DUN

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On 06/01/11 19:10, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 04:55 +0000, Jonathan Pritchard wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I really love the new mobile broadband status feature you have for these
>> sort of modems, showing the connection type and strength. I was just
>> wondering if it's also possible to have this data supplied when
>> connected through Bluetooth DUN to a mobile phone's modem for example?
>> And also whether it's on the roadmap to implement this?
> It's not usually possible, and it depends on the specific phone itself.
> Most phones only provide a single DUN channel, which is used for data
> (PPP) when connected.  Clearly it can't be used for status info at the
> same time.
> Some phones provide additional rfcomm serial channels (not DUN channels)
> that *may* support AT commands at the same time as the DUN channel is
> active, but whether that's the case depends on the phone itself.
> I don't have a roadmap for adding support for that  mainly because I
> haven't investigated how  much work it would  take to do so.  That
> doesn't mean somebody else can't look into that too :)  First step would
> be to start an rfcomm connection to any non-DUN serial channel (using
> rfcomm connect hci0 <bdaddr> <channel #>) then start up minicom or
> screen and try to talk to the device with something like AT+CREG? and
> see what it reports.  If you get something back, then maybe it can be
> used alongside DUN.
> Dan

Thanks for the informative reply Dan. I didn't realise there was a
problem of only one channel, so to speak, on most phones. I was just
thinking from a user standpoint, if it's possible then it would be
desirable; I have a great experience with a Huawei E1550, and indeed the
Bluetooth tethering is working pretty well too.

Thanks for your great work on this project.

Jon Pritchard

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