Re: nm-connection-editor's "Available to all users" checkbox

On Monday 20 of December 2010 23:55:30 W. Michael Petullo wrote:
> I can't figure out why nm-connection-editor's "Available to all users"
> checkbox is not working for me. I have the following behavior in two
> use scenarios:
> 1. Wireless/Add: receive "Connection add failed: Insufficient privileges"
> error dialog when I click "Apply" with "Available to all users" checked.
> 2. Wireless/Edit: fails silently. That is, I click "Apply" and receive no
> error. But, when I again edit the connection, I see that the "Available
> to all users" is not checked.
> I would expect to be prompted for a root password when I click
> "Apply." I would also expect to see some type of error message in the
> second scenario.
> I am able to add or edit a system-wide configuration if I run "pkexec
> nm-connection-editor --display=:0.0" and provide my root password.
> My user account is stored in LDAP. I have tried adding myself to the
> desktop_admin_t and desktop_user_r groups (by editing the local /etc/group
> and confirming with the groups command), but this does not help.
> I am using Fedora 14 and have the following related packages installed:
> polkit-desktop-policy-0.98-4.fc14.noarch
> polkit-0.98-4.fc14.x86_64
> polkit-gnome-0.97-4.fc15.x86_64
> NetworkManager-0.8.1-10.git20100831.fc14.x86_64
> NetworkManager-glib-0.8.1-10.git20100831.fc14.x86_64
> NetworkManager-gnome-0.8.1-10.git20100831.fc14.x86_64

That's probably some PolicyKit/configuration issue, maybe due to LDAP account.
Some pointers:
* does normal account work?
* what's in your nsswitch.conf?
* do you see any error regarding polkit in .xsession-errors or 

Also, the problem could be caused by the session being inactive. Check that 
with ck-list-sessions
There are some reports that ConsoleKit has some issues in conjunction with 
login  managers other than gdm, see:
What login manager do you use? What is your ConsoleKit version?


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