ANN: NetworkManager 0.8.4-beta2 ( released

On the road to NM 0.8.4, which I'd like to release Real Soon Now, I've
tagged and pushed beta2.  Thanks to all the contributors!

Downloads as always are here:

and you're looking for the version.

This rolls up all the improvements since 0.8.2, some of which are:

* Preliminary support for Exherbo Linux
* Logging fixes to suppress unnecessary messages
* Ensure removed devices are cleaned up
* Fix potential 64-bit crash updating timestamps
* IPv6 setup, routing, and compliance fixes
* Handle reverse DNS lookups with local caching nameserver
* No longer updates /etc/hosts when hostname changes
* Request WPAD option from DHCP servers
* Shutdown crash fixes
* nmcli support for WWAN connections
* Persistent hostname sent to DHCP servers by default
* Allow disabing PPP support at build time
* Memory leak fixes

and for the applet:

* Many updated translations
* Conversion to GtkBuilder; glade is no longer a build requirement
* Fixes for newer libnotify versions
* Allow MD5 as a wired 802.1x EAP method
* Show IPv6 information in Connection Information dialog
* Completely fix crashes due to missing icons
* Make VPN notifications respect user's "Enable Notifications"

Please help test!


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