Re: IPv6 configuration in Network Manager

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 02:02:31AM +0000, Liu, Robin (PSG-SH) wrote:
> Now I am want to use Network Manager to manager the IPv6
> configuration, could you please give me some explanation of
> "Automatic", "Automacit, addresses only" and "Automatic, DHCP only" in
> the IPv6 configuration GUI? What are these differences?

"Automatic" looks to RA, and depending on how it's set, either does SLAAC,
DHCPv6, or both. (This is the way you're supposed to get information
from IPv6.)

"Addresses only" ignores DNS and other information (and allows you to
configure that statically).

"DHCP only" skips the RA and directly requests the info from DHCPv6.

> And I want to confirm that when I configure the IPv6, should I reboot
> to effect it?
This isn't Windows. Just reconnect the connection.

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