Re: Trying to use the DBus API with QtDBus - does the example =?UTF-8?Q?work=3F?=

On Wed, 21 Dec 2011 10:21:45 -0200, Lamarque V. Souza wrote:

You should use the Settings path to get the settings for a connection:

I figured that out minutes before I saw your reply :S


DBUS Service:           "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"
DBUS Object Path:       "/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager"
DBUS Interface:         "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"

This little snippet made me think. Depending which Object you're working with you have different Interfaces available to manipulate the object. I found the Settings object, eventually. Initially I was trying to work with a Devices object.

Now that I know this, I went over the example again and did see getConnection was indeed returning a settings path.


You should try QtNetworkManager instead of creating your program from scratch:


QtNetworkManager make those details transparent. Unfortunately there is not small example of how to use it. I use it in Plasma NetworkManagement, but Plasma NM is a big program. If you want to try take a look at manager.h and connection.h, those probably contain the methods you are looking for.

This is great news. The bad news is that I am very new to Qt and C++ so it may be too tricky for me to get started without examples.


The functionality I need is the basic set: getting interfaces, IP addresses, default gateway, setting an IP addresses... Not much past that. Do you think you could put together a small example that lists interfaces and sets an IP address on an interface?


The GObject and Python APIs look so simple :(


Thanks for your reply,

--Daniel Devine


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