Re: Show Hidden network from connection file

On Fri, 2011-12-02 at 16:13 -0300, marcos m. wrote:
> Anyone?
> Is not possible to at least show in the apllet an ad-hoc connection
> crated form a connection file?

If the wifi interface is connected using an adhoc connection, then it
should show that in the applet just like it shows connections to a real

> Is there a security policy to prevent autoconnecting to wireless
> ad-hoc?

By default all users can create Ad-Hoc networks through the UI, but
using PolicyKit an admin is able to restrict this.

> If so, can anyone tell me where to edit this beahiviour from source?
> I appoligise for beeing so insistent but I relly need this.

Plain wifi ad-hoc connections are autoconnected if the adhoc network
already exists in the scan results, but they are not automatically
created (ie, this  machine is the first one to join the adhoc network,
ie it doesn't exist yet in scan results).


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