Re: ModemCapabilities, CurrentCapabilities and firmwares

On Fri, 2011-11-25 at 11:21 +0100, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey Dan & ttuttle,
> The 0.6 API in MM has 2 properties named "ModemCapabilities" and
> "CurrentCapabilities". The current ones will be the ones reported by
> +GCAP, but how do we know the modem ones?

On a per-driver basis if the modem has some way of reporting it.  Ie,
for Gobi devices we'd check with QMI for capabilites, for other modems
like the multi-mode Verizon/Sprint devices that do CDMA+HSDPA we'd
either user GCAP or we'd just hardcode it based on the GMM response or

> I am assuming here that the ModemCapabilities will be different to the
> CurrentCapabilities only when the modem implements the Firmware API. If

Not necessarily.

> it is possible to know with firmware-related commands which will be the
> new capabilities provided with each firmware image (will they be
> provided in the per-firmware-image dictionary?), maybe we should keep
> the "ModemCapabilities" property in the Firmware API. Or just completely
> remove the property, if the info is already available for each installed
> and/or available firmware image.

I think we need to keep them separate for now; the modems I'm thinking
of here are ones like the Verizon UMW190 and USB1000 and maybe even
world-mode phones.



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