Mobile Broadband - High speed or 1X

Hi list,

I had called my Mobile broadband provider Reliance to file a complaint
against the speed issues I am having with my internet connection. I am
having a 3.1 Mbps connection but end up getting about 0.1 Mbps at

The first question the customer care guys ask is that in what mode is
your device currently connected - High speed or CDMA 1X?
Apparently, Folks at Reliance give away their own dialer to connect to
Internet in Windows and that software shows the current mode of the

So I tell the customer care guy that I am using Linux (Fedora 15,
Gnome 3) and I do not know what connection mode is being used. So they
tell me to please check in some other Windows based system. I know it
is insane but one can't argue with a non-tech customer care guy on
such issues. They talk to me as if the problem is in my Linux system -
It is selecting the low speed mode.

Is there any way to find out which mode is getting selected - 1X or
High speed? The device in use in Huawei EC1260.

Can I send some AT commands to ttyUSB0 to check? Could you please help
me with this?

Also I do not get a signal strength indication in the NetworkManager
icon. I get four bars but no color. Is this by design?


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