Re: Wireless - properties popup after a few failed retries

On Wed, 2011-08-03 at 09:59 +0300, Alex Pyattaev wrote:
> Yeah, thats pretty annoying thing when you are in a city looking for a 
> hotspot. Instead of popping up settings it should probably just show 
> notification which would pop up settings page.

There's some notes about fixing this in the TODO file in git if anyone
wants to have a go.  We also need more information from wpa_supplicant
when things fail, like getting notifications of assoc/auth timeouts so
that we can do the intelligent thing here and *not* pop up the dialog
when auth times out, but only pop up the dialog when we're sure it's
actually a failure of the password/PSK.  So basically we need both some
wpa_supplicant work here and some NM work.  But it's clearly behavior we
need to fix.


> On Tuesday 02 August 2011 14:47:09 Maverick wrote:
> > For example, I've got my laptop connect to the wireless network, and then I
> > have to stop my radius server for maintenance for 1h,when NetworkManager
> > detects that the connection is dropped it tries to reconnect a few times
> > and then fails as obvious.
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