Re: Q: nmcli has capability to list access technology used?

On Sun, 2011-07-31 at 04:32 +0000, Jimmy - wrote:
> Hi, 
> The ModemManager D-Bus Interface Specification includes commands to
> read currently used access technology, e g EDGE, HSDPA, etc.
> This information is currently shown in the NM applet, but as far as I
> can see this is not part of the printouts given by nmcli.

Do you mean for mobile broadband only, or for all connections?

> How can I detect the access technology used by an established
> connection? mncli, print parameters from /proc/, etc?

You can't tell this from /proc at all since all that information is
communicated from the modem at a  much higher level.  You'll want to
look at the ModemManager D-Bus API.  There are also some examples here:

specifically, which will print a lot of information about the
modem if it's enabled.  You'll first want to call, then with the modem you want to enable, then to get the
info.  We may build this into nmcli in the future.


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