NetworkManager clobbers /etc/yp.conf in fedora 14

How do I politely ask NetworkManager to let me tell it what servers to
use for ypbind/NIS?

Is there some newbie documentation I should be looking at? I searched
the wiki at but got no hits for
ypbind or yp.conf. Also no hits for
 man NetworkManager|grep yp
 man NetworkManager|grep NIS

It is possible I am barking up the wrong tree. My basic problem is, I
edit /etc/yp.conf and get NIS working, but the next time I reboot that
file gets changed (and NIS stops working), even if I chmod it so no
one has write privileges. I am assuming it is NetworkManager, because
I don't usually have this problem and NetworkManager is the main
difference between this and other fedora installs I have going. Also,
in previous experiments with NetworkManager I noticed that it  likes
to rewrite config files like /etc/resolv.conf. So maybe NetworkManager
is innocent. Another possible suspect is the DHCP client stuff. Or is
NetworkManager responsible for that too?


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