Re: [Mbm-devel] Modem-/NetworkManager support for modems not using PPP

2011/4/19 Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak gmail com>:
> Strange since it probably affect the communication out of the modem to the
> network operator, but they might support both PPP and ethernet/DHCP in the
> other end.

No. You have to think about your modem as a separate piece of
equipment, even if it's integrated. The PPP session is established
between your laptop OS and the modem. Or the modem can send DHCP
offers to your laptop OS. Your laptop OS will never talk directly to
the ISP.

The data session over mobile network is something different that is
done by the modem and you're not aware of.

So in fact it makes no difference if you use PPP or DHCP, except that
using PPP you use a serial emulation over USB, whereas when you use
DHCP it's an ethernet emulation over USB, and the speed of the serial
emulation can be a problem to reach the max bw offered by the mobile
net, that's one of the reasons why it's recommended to use ethernet


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