Re: ModemManager: new 'wavecom' gsm plugin for Sierra Wireless Airlink FXT modems

On Fri, 2011-04-08 at 13:11 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hi all,
> Finished implementing the basic ModemManager support for the Sierra
> Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend GSM/UMTS modems [1]. The plugin was
> developed using a Fastrack Xtend FXT009 (GPRS/EDGE) modem, but
> implemented to support also 3G-based models (although completely
> untested that part). There is a CDMA modem model as well, but don't
> think this plugin could handle it without more modifications.

Looks great, thanks.  Merged and pushed back out.


> This development is ready for review in the 'plugin-wavecom' branch in
> the following Gitorious repository [2]:
>    git://
> The changes w.r.t to the generic GSM plugin are:
>   a) AT+CPIN? replies are not ended with OK. A custom regex match was
> added to support CPIN? replies without OK.
>   b) Disabled default power-up comand, AT+CFUN=1. This command does a
> full software reset in the device, including the USB stack, so the
> connection is closed. No additional command seems to be needed, as the
> modem wakes up by default in CFUN=1 (full functionality) mode. Anyway,
> an additional check was added during initialization so that this mode is
> ensured.
>   c) Enabled RTS/CTS instead of XOFF/XON flow control.
>   d) Implemented get_access_technology() using AT+WGPRS=9,2 to query
> network capabilities
>   e) Ensure the modem uses the highest possible mobile class. These
> modems can be configured to use different mobile classes. For each kind
> of modem, the best mobile class is the highest one available, in the
> following order:
>      - Class A  (3G only mode)
>      - Class B  (PS or CS, GPRS/EDGE or GSM)
>      - Class CG (PS only, GPRS/EDGE)
>      - Class CC (CS only, GSM)
>   f) Implemented set_allowed_mode() and get_allowed_mode(), for both 2G
> and 3G based modems (using AT+WWSM command in the 3G case).
>   g) Implemented set_band() and get_band() for 2G modems (with AT+WMBS)
> and 3G modems (with AT+WUBS).
> [1]
> [2]
> Cheers,

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