Re: SV: Ericsson Support for SMS receive

Hi Nathan,

>         you do not have index numbers if these are forwarded to the ME
>         right
>         away. The index numbers are storage numbers on the SIM card.
> Or in the other memory spaces. So far we've been discussing (in the
> language of 3GPP TS 27.005)  +CPMS="ME" versus +CPMS="SM"; both
> involve storage somewhere below ModemManager, index numbers, and
> get/delete. It sounds like you're introducing the distinction between
> +CNMI=1 and +CNMI=2 notifications. That might be useful, but it's an
> implementation detail. At any rate, it sounds like you're firmly in
> the camp that the numbers in the API should be synthetic rather than
> matching the low levels.

I am not talking about storage at all. You need to let the modem deliver
the messages to the ME aka host.

And I am in the camp of no index numbers. If you need them, then you
sooner or later you will make it pretty hard for the user interfaces.



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