Re: Vpn plugin isn't invoking my save_secrets()

Hi Dan, 
Thanks for the response! The problem seems to work for me now with the latest 
set of patches, thank you very much! One question though, what does it really 
mean for a secret to be agent owned? 

- Eivind

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Subject: Re: Vpn plugin isn't invoking my save_secrets()

On Tue, 2011-03-29 at 13:44 -0700, Eivind Naess wrote:
> Hi All, 
> I am compiling the following packages from sources on my Ubuntu system:
> * NetworkManager
> * network-manager-applet
> * network-manager-pptp
> Then I am trying to port the network-manager-pptp to network-manager-sstp (a 
> project). That aside, the pptp or my sstp projects seems to have the same 
> problem in getting/setting the password. I use the nm-connection-editor and add 
> the new connection. But it doesn't seem like the password is getting retrieved 

> successfully. I am also  not seeing the dispatch of the call 
> plugin->save_secrets as defined by the vpn plugin code.

save_secrets will only get called if the password is "agent-owned", ie
if the password flags for that password include
NM_SETTING_SECRETS_FLAG_AGENT_OWNED.  The pptp plugin doesn't set up any
of these flags when importing yet, something which I think I have to
fix.  Basically, when importing a connection, or creating a new
connection from scratch, the plugin should probably call:

nm_setting_set_secret_flags (s_vpn, NM_PPTP_KEY_PASSWORD, 


> Looking at the debug output of NetworkManager below, I am pretty clueless on 
> to continue debugging this. It seems like the invocation of a dbus call fails 
> and returns "(null)". This is the value that I see when I re-open the 
> connection's preferences and unmasks the password. Changing the "Allow all 
> users" doesn't seem to make a difference. I also sprinkled a bunch of messages, 
> looked through the mailing lists, and tried the nm_setting_vpn_add_secret call 

> as it was suggested by the mailing list, and done by network-manager-vpnc. Any 

> help is appreciated!
> Please advice,
> - Eivind
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.183769] [nm-agent-manager.c:1005] 

> nm_agent_manager_get_secrets(): Secrets requested for connection 
> /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Settings/0 (vpn)
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.183858] [nm-agent-manager.c:538] 
> request_add_agent(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent allowed for 
> secrets request 0x8387978/vpn
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.183889] 
> [nm-settings-connection.c:714] nm_settings_connection_get_secrets(): 
> (9d903ca7-fb3f-4321-9208-d8f3bbe234c3/vpn:2) secrets requested flags 0x0 hint 
> '(null)'
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.184273] [nm-agent-manager.c:928] 
> get_start(): (0x8387978/vpn) system settings secrets insufficient, asking 
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.184301] [nm-agent-manager.c:613] 
> next_generic(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent getting secrets 
> request 0x8387978/vpn
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.184322] [nm-agent-manager.c:884] 
> get_next_cb(): (0x8387978/vpn) requesting user-owned secrets from agent :1.46
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.388637] [nm-agent-manager.c:678] 
> get_done_cb(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent returned secrets 
> request 0x8387978/vpn
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.388713] 
> [nm-settings-connection.c:533] agent_secrets_done_cb(): 
> (9d903ca7-fb3f-4321-9208-d8f3bbe234c3/vpn:2) secrets returned from agent :1.46
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.388743] 
> [nm-settings-connection.c:576] agent_secrets_done_cb(): 
> (9d903ca7-fb3f-4321-9208-d8f3bbe234c3/vpn:2) secrets request completed
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430356.389235] 
> [nm-settings-connection.c:615] agent_secrets_done_cb(): 
> (9d903ca7-fb3f-4321-9208-d8f3bbe234c3/vpn:2) new agent secrets processed
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430382.537429] [nm-agent-manager.c:1133] 

> nm_agent_manager_save_secrets(): Saving secrets for connection 
> /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Settings/0
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430382.546915] [nm-agent-manager.c:538] 
> request_add_agent(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent allowed for 
> secrets request 0x83a44d8/(null)
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430382.547282] [nm-agent-manager.c:613] 
> next_generic(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent saving secrets for 
> request 0x83a44d8/(null)
> lt-NetworkManager[8000]: <debug> [1301430392.558166] [nm-agent-manager.c:1071] 

> save_done_cb(): (:1.46/org.freedesktop.nm-applet/1000) agent failed save 
> request 0x83a44d8/(null): (4) Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: 
> the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy 
> blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was 
> broken.
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