Re: Copied system-connection: 'secrets cache invalid'

On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 14:27 +0100, Torsten Spindler wrote:
> Hello,
> I try to 'clone' a wireless system connection to several machines. My
> naive attempt was to copy the file
> from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<file> on a master machine
> to a package and then install the package on the cloned systems. While
> the connection can be seen, when I try to edit it with
> nm-connection-editor the error 'Error initializing editor'
> 'nm-sysconfig-connection.c.202 - Internal error; secrets cache invalid.'
> is shown. This happened on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the somewhat aged
> network-manager 0.8-0ubuntu3.
> What is the recommended way to pre-install a system connection via a
> package?

That *should* work...  so the secrets cache should get updated every
time nm_sysconfig_connection_update() gets called, so the only thing I
can think of is that that function isn't getting called somehow.  I
check and I can't see anything out of the ordinary during the keyfile
plugin's new connection code paths, but perhaps you could modify the
keyfile plugin a bit to drop some debug prints where that function gets
called and see if it does when the file gets dropped
into /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections ?


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