Re: How to save pin number and auto-connect on startup?

Hey @All

the prompt for asking the PIN is crazy. I dont need Location base things or
so. I only want to go online with the UMTS-Modem.

The pin is saved in seahorse anf if i cancle the prompt after login i can
still go online.

It is crazy and i dont like the prompt. On any login i must close it. That


Dan Williams wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 13:59 +0200, Achim Weber wrote:
>> Hi Dan
>> >>> For which function needs NM the PIN before dialing a connection? As
>> the PIN is
>> >>> saved in the connection profile, it is not necessary to ask the PIN
>> in advance.
>> >>> So there must be something different for which the PIN is needed!?
>> >>
>> >> actually Dan needs to answer that, but generally speaking the PIN is
>> >> needed to unlock the SIM card. And you need access to the SIM card to
>> >> book yourself into the GSM/UMTS network. No SIM card, no access to the
>> >> network.
>> can you please explain why the PIN is needed before dialling the
>> connection.
>> Which functionality needs the PIN?
> Many things:
> 1) registration status
> 2) signal strength
> 3) access technology status
> 4) SMS
> 5) location-based services
> 6) IMEI/IMSI (often)
> On most "consumer" modems that I have in my possession (see [1]; some
> are more functional than others) you are unable to do much of anything
> beyond AT+GCAP or ATI before entering the PIN.  All other commands
> return ERROR.  Most consumer modems have a "limited" AT command parser
> that is used until the SIM is unlocked, at which point the full AT
> command parser is available.  Until the PIN is entered the modem is
> effectively unusable.
> Without entering the PIN before connecting, you have no indication if
> the device has any signal, whether you're roaming, etc.  So most of the
> time you *do* want to unlock the device long before actually dialing up
> the connection, if only to make sure you're not roaming so you don't get
> charged $$$ the second you connect.
> What I think we'll end up doing here is probably some combination of
> "best effort" (ie, if we can get the IMSI we use that to identify the
> SIM), maybe fall back to IMEI or USB IDs, and finally just have a
> "Always ask me later" checkbox in the initial PIN dialog that suppresses
> the initial dialog based on USB IDs or such.
> Dan
> [1]
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