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       I have some issues about reconnect.
ex: a. I have /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection/Wired static ip
      b.connecting Wired static ip
      c.rm /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection/Wired static ip
      e.create /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection/Wired static ip2
then nm-applet can't auto reconnect Wired static ip2 configure.

what can i do that let nm-applet auto reconnect?
Networkmanager-applet 0.8 version
( I close all about nm-applet GUI , just want to use command or c code to control )

BTW, I write to use AddConnection DBUS by c code. Add 3.5G Wired Wifi static IP setting.
(reference: Jirka sampler & nm-keyfile-connection.c)
Maybe it will help beginner to study NM. Like me...

Thanks everyone

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