Unregistered object at path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/0'

Hi all,
I'm completely new in d-bus programming. I use the glib-dbus API, to communicate with the Network Manager. The first thing i want to realize is a program, what lists me the available devices.
Sou i thought that this code should work:

NetworkManagerProxy = dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name_owner( bus,

char **name_list;
char **name_list_ptr;

if (!dbus_g_proxy_call (NetworkManagerProxy, "GetDevices", &error, G_TYPE_INVALID, DBUS_TYPE_G_OBJECT_ARRAY, &name_list, G_TYPE_INVALID))
    if(error->domain == DBUS_GERROR)
        cout << error->message << endl;
    g_error_free (error);
    for (name_list_ptr = name_list; *name_list_ptr; name_list_ptr++)
        //List of devices

But i get always the errormessage "Unregistered object at path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/0' "
what does this mean?

thank you for the answers, and sry for my very poor English.

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