wifi module can't scan any more

       I meet some issue. Could someone help me?
version; NetworkManager 0.8
            NetworkManager-Applet 0.8 ( I modify to no GUI )
            wpa_supplicant 0.6.9
Issue step:
1.connect AP ( Success!!! ).
2.ping network over 2~~3 hours.
3.wifi will auto disconnected.
4.And it will be not connect AP or scan any AP.

I try to use other system 
1.ubuntu 10.04  -- pass ( if i always scan AP or Get strength from NetworkManager. over 6~7 hours fail) 
2.RTOS            -- fail

when wifi module crash. 
I use applet, iwlist or dbus-send wpa_supplicant that get AP ssid.
there do not work.......
it must be re-power-supply to module.
that will recover.

So, I don't no how i can guess that is driver, HW or system issue.
And how can i let module crash acceleration in other system.


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