Re: Persistent hostname issues


I'm not on the list, but was CC'ed, so direct responses please.
I'm also upstream author for dhcpcd.

On 08/11/2010 13:45, Ozan Çağlayan wrote:
I'm really confused how the hostname things are handled in NM. I'm trying to
understand looking through the code but I'm completely lost as there are
methods which wraps methods which wraps methods, etc.

Here's the setup:

* NetworkManager 0.8.1
* DHCP client is dhcpcd 5.2.7
* plugin used: only keyfile
* All hostname related hooks are removed from dhcpcd package


There are user reports which complains that the machine hostname changes once
the machine acquires an IP from DHCP. Same reports tells that removing option
host_name from /etc/dhcpcd.conf fixes the issue.

As no hooks in dhcpcd are used (NM overrides them), dhcpcd itself won't set the hostname. However, the default dhcpcd.conf does request the hostname which NM can in turn use to set the hostname. The DHCP server can also send options which a DHCP client did not request, like hostname. Again, dhcpcd offers an option to trim these from the message before processing.

nooption hostname

in dhcpcd.conf should fix that so NM will never see a hostname from DHCP.



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