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On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 19:31 +0100, Andreas Böhler wrote:
> Hello, 
> I'm using NetworkManager 0.8 / ModemManager 0.3 on Arch Linux in
> Austria, my provider is A1 on an Ericsson F3507g HSPA card. It is
> necessary to authenticate as user "ppp a1plus at". 
> With the current NM/MM it is impossible to authenticate with this
> username (because of the "@" symbol), the card needs to be put into
> UTF-8 mode first (Thanks to Torgny Johansson for pointing this out on
> the mbm-devel list). The attached patch forces UTF-8 if an
> authentication is requested. It is against MM 0.3 as found in Arch, but
> it should apply with a small offset to the current git as well.
> I'm not sure if it is safe to force UTF-8 for everyone, but at least it
> works for me!
> However, I'm experiencing another small problem with the Ericsson card:
> I have to enter the password manually everytime I fire up the
> connection. If I use a Huawei K3715 HSPA stick, it connects happily
> without asking first. Is this a known problem with the Ericsson card?

Different cards support different charsets, I'm investigating this issue
generally.  Thanks for the heads-up.  But your patch is mostly correct,
though I think we probably want to use UTF-8 or UCS2 everywhere we can,
and fall back to "GSM" when that doesn't work.  Currently we don't set a
charset, which is why you have this issue.  That's a bug.


> andy
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