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Hi, Dear:

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with regular update. There is a red exclamation mark at the right lower corner of the nm-applet icon. Of course, there was no signal level. Clicking it results in the message of "NetworkManager is not running".

Looking up daemon.log, I found the following message:
NetworkManager: <WARN>  nm_dbus_manager_start_service(): Could not acquire the NetworkManager service.#012  Error: 'Connection ":1.216" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" due to security policies in the configuration file'
NetworkManager: <WARN>  main(): Failed to start the dbus service.

I opened a terminal and run 'sudo start network-manager', which showed OK. Seconds later, running 'sudo service network-manager status' showed 'network-manager stop/waiting'. Somehow, the daemon quit on it own very soon.

I googled around but failed to find a feasible answer and you are the last hope for me. Thank you very much.

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