Re: dhcpcd timeout



>I'm (still) of the opinion that the best way is to let the DHCP client
>daemons handle the timeouts and remove the timeout logic from N-M. The
>DHCP clients seem better suited for this task than N-M is, esp. since
>they can adjust their behavior depending on the details of the DHCP
>transaction. DHCP their job, after all, and they know better than
>anything else when DHCP is hopeless. dhclient certainly provides a means
>of setting the timeout in config files, and on Debian at least, I think
>dhcpcd does as well.

Yes, actually the only problem is that network manager kills dhcpcd if it's timeout (which I can configure) is longer than internal timeout. IMHO it should be possible to disable this at least.

Gaydov Victor.

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