Re: Option Icon 322 works -- MANY thanks

On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 14:08 -0500, Eric Lee Elliott wrote:
> Fedora 13 with NM 0.8.1-0 & kernel connected my Option on 
> first try!  Very happy to have 3G option Icon 322 working in Linux. 
> After several months, several distros & too many attempts to make work, 
> it works.

I've got one of these too, so if for some reason things fail it's a lot
easier for me to diagnose and fix :)  Great to hear it works.

> Fedora 13 installed in 2 Thinkpads with Atheros 5214 cards does 802.11b 
> OK & fails to do 802.11g.  So far I have found no b to g switch, no 
> clues why it will not do g mode.

You might check 'dmesg' output for more info from the driver, but this
seems like a kernel/driver problem.  Best to follow up on this at
linux-wireless vger mailing list or with your distro.  There's not
really a b/g switch that drivers expose since this should always "just


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