Re: Looking for advice about using NM with a Sprint U301 modem

On 06/04/2010 12:01 AM, John Mahoney wrote:
I'm looking into the 598 now, and I'm having a little trouble getting
NM to recognize it. I plug in the device and I can see by using dmesg
that the sierra driver gets loaded, but when I run
nm-connection-editor and try to edit the connection, it doesn't get
listed in the device dropdown. Is there anything I have to do to get
it recognized? I also haven't been able to find any good guides on
setting it up. I'm running Ubuntu Karmic right now.

On Sierra's site there is a
link( in
the knowledge base which says:

"**Note: Ubuntu 9.10 distribution is not supported with Sierra
Wireless modems. Ubuntu 9.04 distribution is still supported with all
Sierra Wireless modems listed in this KB article.
We expect the issue to be fixed in Ubuntu 10.4."

If you require Ubuntu 9.10 and Sierra isn't working get a Novatel.


I am sure Sierra knows better than I, even so, Ubu 9.10 connected both my 875U & 885U Sierra modems to ATT with minimum effort. Simply boot 9.10 Live CD, see it offer to install modem, click 5 times, then watch NM connect.
I gave a few Ubuntu 9.1 CDs to ATT stores for use as trouble shooting tool.


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