Re: gsm roaming enabling

In data mercoledì 02 giugno 2010 10:09:03, Maxime Boure ha scritto:
: > Hello Dan,
> I have a Huawei e180. I was thinking that the command :
> ** (modem-manager:1472): DEBUG: (ttyUSB0): --> 'AT+CREG=0<CR>'
> would be the problem. Doesn't it have to be set to '2' to enable roaming ?
> Just so you know my 3G stick works fine in France.

I don't know if it's the same problem, but there seem to be a regression bug 
in some more or less recent linux kernels that pervents my Huawei E169 (E620) 
to roam in gsm mode. I filed the bug against the ubuntu kernel (2.6.32), but it 
may affect other distros as well, because it may be an upstream bug. Linux 
2.6.34 vanilla solves the problem for me.


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