Programmatically set the MTU for ALL Ethernet Adapters

I am running into an issue with programmatically changing the MTU settings for an Ethernet adapter within SUSE Enterprise 11.


Issue:  We have configured an OS to run within VMware Player that will be transferred between multiple PCs on removable media.  By nature (as well as design) VMware will assign a new MAC Address (and therefore a new virtual adapter) at each new PC, or location on the same PC.  Because we are using Lotus Notes 8.5.1, and Cisco AnnyConnect VPN Tunneling, we need to set the MTU for the adapter *WITHOUT* user intervention.


When Using *ifup* we can change global settings in the “/etc/sysconfig/network/config” and adapter based settings in “/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg.template” files, however once the adapter is created, it must be manually activated and set to DHCP which requires “root” permissions.


When using NetworkManager, the process is automated for the creation and default activation of the eth<x> adapter, however the MTU must be set manually, per adapter by the user.


I am trying to find a way (similar to adjusting the configurations of config/ifcfg.template) that will programmatically set the MTU for ALL new eth<x> adapters to 1492.


Any ideas will be GREATLY appreciated… J

Thanks Much

Jeff Sylvia   


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