Re: RS232 GSM Modem

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 00:53 -0700, Dan Williams wrote:
> > What do you mean with Hardware IDs? It's possible to use the
> following
> > commands:
> > 
> > AT+CGMI   <- Request manufacturer identification
> > AT+CGMM   <- Request model identification
> > AT+CGMR   <- Request revision identification of software status
> Section
> Right, but sending those commands requires that we already know what
> baudrate we need, which I'd like to get from hardware IDs before
> talking
> to the device in the first place.

It's possible to change the baudrate of the device, so IDs don't solve
the problem. I think it would be best to probe the baudrate.

> I mean stuff like USB VID/PID, PCI VID/PID, SDIO IDs, etc.  Even
> parallel-port devices like printers have IDs.  But for serial ports,
> they might not.

i don't know that. sorry.



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