Re: Configure connection via command line

On Thursday 15 of July 2010 11:10:15 Arlen Nascimento wrote:
> Actually, i dont know if i made myself clear, let me try again.
> As the network will be available, it will appear on nm-applet, so i dont
> need to create the connection itself.
> I already have a bash script that controls nm-applet, e.g., connects to the
> network i say it to. The thing is, the final user will not have the network
> key, what i want is to make network manager (any instance of it) read the
> password from a file, so it wont be necessary to type it.

I just wanted to provide broader look on the theme as I didn't know what your 
actual issue is.
Nevertheless, as I've said, the connection *should* store the password, so you 
shouldn't need to type it again.
In case of using system connections, the plugins store the passwords in their 
configuration files. User connections use gnome keyring to store passwords.
Check that the password is present in 'Wireless security' tab (Edit 
connections ...). When connection is activated, you should see in NM logs 
(/var/log/message, /var/log/daemon.log, etc.) something like this:

<info> Activation (wlan0/wireless): connection '<connection name>' has 
security, and secrets exist.  No new secrets needed.

when secrets are correctly stored.
 <info> Activation (wlan0/wireless): access point '<connection name>' has 
security, but secrets are required.

when secrets are not available.

So, could you be more specific and state what error or behaviour you see?
In case of user connection, check that you have gnome-keyring properly 
And describe your environment:
- distro
- NM version
- do you use system or user connection?


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