Different permissions for different network interfaces

Hi all,

I have a problem with ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the Network Manager.
As per default Network Manager is working fine and doesn't make any

My customer has the requirement that the default network interface
(connected to public LAN) must be protected and it should not be able to
change anything on it (even taking it on- or offline should be possible)
But all of the users also have a second LAN Interface, which they use for
testing, in a dedicated network. This Network Interface should be
manageable by every user, without being prompt for a password when changing

If tried several ways and went through the official Network Manager
documentation without success.
It always seems to have somewhere a problem.

So I would be really thankful if somebody could point me to the right
direction or does have a working example for this scenario.

If you have questions or if you require additional information, feel free
to ask me.

Thanks and all the best,

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