Re: Stopping modemmanager from auto probing?

On Fri, 2010-01-22 at 11:49 +0100, Torsten Spindler wrote:
> Hello,
> there seems to be a problem for some devices which modemmanager probes
> over the serial line. Namely Palm devices [1] and a Smart Card reader
> [2]. Is there any possibility to make the probing configurable?
> There seems to be a work around available by removing 
> /usr/lib/ModemManager/ This seems to prevent
> modemmanager from doing the autoprobing.

If there are certain devices that are known to handle probing badly,
then we can probably blacklist those.  We did that for a few devices
with NM 0.7.x but that did not get carried over to ModemManager.  We
would however need to get unique identifiers for those devices like USB
vid/pid.  Serial devices are harder since legacy serial ports don't
really have identifying information.  Be aware that PCMCIA-based cards
(like the Sierra 860) will report as ttyS0 using the "serial" driver and
thus aren't very distinguishable from legacy serial ports either.  Needs
a bit of investigation.

when you get a bug like this, try getting the user to (1) stop NM and
MM, (2) plug the device in, and (3) run the "lsudev" utility included in
the modem-manager sources in test/ like so:

sudo lsudev tty

and then hit Ctrl+C and get the log into gnome bugzilla.  If we get
enough logs we can see if there's a good way to handle legacy serial
ports.  If the devices are USB, then that's quite a bit easier.


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