Re: Is accounting supported?

May be you could use conntrack events subsystem for accounting? In
such way, by using conntrack, it can become an a good solution to
control traffic. There is a simple scrypt on python, that catch events
from conntrack using ctypes to interact with,

2010/1/19 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
> On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 17:15 +0100, Daniel Wagner wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> >> Just out of curiosity: where does the accounting information come from?
>> >> I see one possible solution using netfilter with ULOG target and the
>> >> ulogd daemon.
>> >>
>> >> I guess when using ulogd there is always a certain lag between the
>> >> number of bytes transferred/received and the user defined maximum of
>> >> bytes transferred/received (probably enforced by PolicyKit). I don't
>> >> think that's a real problem and could be workaround if there isn't the
>> >> need to have exact numbers.
>> >
>> > At least for PPP we can get traffic counts via ioctls.  I'd like to get
>> > traffic counts for the other devices like ifconfig does, but last I knew
>> > ifconfig got that by scraping /proc/net/dev which is just ugly.  We may
>> > be able to get updated traffic counts from netlink somehow?
>> I tried to figure out how a generic solution would look like and the
>> solution I found was the thing with the ULOG trick. The kernel interface
>> to netfilter is netlink based and the ulogd daemon uses this API. Though
>> I'm not so sure if the authors recommand to use this API. IRC the
>> iptables API should not be used directly.
> I forgot that the nl-link-stats tool in the libnl tarball is an example
> of how to talk to netlink for stats.  Unfortunately as Marcel says we
> have to poll for it at this point, but oh well...  A 2 - 5 second
> interval is probably appropriate enough.
> Dan
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