How to connect to wireless AP with NM 0.7.1

I'm creating a console application which needs to be able to identify and to connect to wireless access points.

So far I have been able to scan and parse the access point I wish to connect to but I'm having trouble understanding how to actually connect to it now. From reading the source for the applet I have been able to come up with this.

s_wireless = (NMSettingWireless *)nm_setting_wireless_new ();
ap_ssid = nm_access_point_get_ssid(ap);

g_object_set(s_wireless, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_SSID, ap_ssid, NULL);
g_object_set(s_wireless, NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_MODE, "infrastructure", NULL);

connection = nm_connection_new();
nm_connection_add_setting(connection, NM_SETTING(s_wireless));

s_con = NM_SETTING_CONNECTION(nm_setting_connection_new());
g_object_set(s_con, NM_SETTING_CONNECTION_TYPE, nm_setting_get_name(NM_SETTING(s_wireless)), NULL);

nm_connection_add_setting(connection, NM_SETTING(s_con));
specific_object = nm_object_get_path (NM_OBJECT(ap));

con_path = nm_connection_get_path(connection);
g_assert(con_path); /* FAILS HERE */

nm_client_activate_connection(app->priv->client, NM_DBUS_SERVICE_USER_SETTINGS, con_path, device, specific_object, activate_connection_cb, app);

After I filter and select the access point (unencrypted) that i want to connect to I'm unable to get the path of the NMConnection I have created. The nm-applet is not running.


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