Lockdown nm-applet once again


In the archives I have found this entry:

http://www.mail-archive.com/networkmanager-list gnome org/msg13808.html

The question that was talked about there was how to lockdown the

I have successfully tried to lockdown the nm-applet by changing the dbus 
config as descripted by Dan.

It looks like this would be a valid workaround. But I don't know if it is
to have this config part in a seperate file? I didn't found anything
useful in the 
freedesktop dbus documentation for this question.

In general it would be very fine to configure the whole nm-applet in a
config file (f.e. /etc/NetworkManager/nm-applet.conf). Currently there are
steps to lockdown nm-applet:

1. dbus config to disalbe the enable/disable Network option
2. gconf for notification behaviour
3. chmod, selinux, apparmor or whatever for nm-connection-editor

-- HG

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