Re: [Patch] improve IPv4 setting UI of nm-applet

2010/1/10 cee1 <fykcee1 gmail com>:
> Hi Dan:
> Attachment contains a series patches of improving IPv4 setting UI of
> nm-applet.
> These patches aim the following problems:
>  1) users move focus from a cell of gtktreeview to another widget(i.e. leave
> gtktreeview) directly, his previous editing will lost.
>  2) lack of netmask pre-fill for private IPv4 addresses.

I don't know if prefilling input with "default network masks" is a
good idea. This will cause repeated errors with people using small
networks and class A or B private address ranges.

In the other hand, using a combo input, pre-listing common network
masks, like "" (/30) and "" (/23), seems
not dificult doing, as there are only 30 possibilities, and masks
shorter than /16 (except /8) are so rarely used that can be safely

>  3) lack of a proper notification of invalid inputs.

Hmm... this is interesting. Can you explain it in more details?

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