Re: more on "wifi no longer working under ubuntu"

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:36 PM, Alan White <awhite0006 gmail com> wrote:

> Left to my own resources I'd back up all my /home files and do a fresh
> install of the latest LTS Ubuntu on that partition, and I'll need to do that
> SOON, but it surely seems like overkill for what seems (to me) to be a
> simple mis-configuration or other simple issue. I'm ALMOST there... I think.

I'd also think it's misconfiguration. Can you make sure you have the
Notification Area widget added to your panel? There's no arm in adding
a new one to be sure, so you can do the following:

1) right click the top panel, select "Add to panel"
2) Scroll to "Notification Area", click it and click "Add"

The notification area widget will get added, and you should see at
least nm-applet if nm-applet is running, and likely other things such
as the volume meter and such.

> One answer to another question on here was "use nm-cli to list, start and
> stop connections." Here's what I got:
> awhite awhite:/etc/NetworkManager$ nm-cli
> nm-cli: command not found
> awhite awhite:/etc/NetworkManager$ nmcli
> nmcli: command not found
> awhite awhite:/etc/NetworkManager$
> Suggestions?

nmcli wasn't available back in Ubuntu 9.10. It's a new feature I
"introduced" in 10.10 -- made it get installed by the build process
when I learned it was available.

> At this point the window popped up to ask me the password for my wireless
> network. The pulldown was grayed out. Only choice available was "Cancel." So
> I chose that:

I don't know why there would be a pull-down there, I just can't
picture it. Maybe you could attach a screenshot? But usually, if it's
asking you for a password, just enter something in the text field and
the OK button will become active.

If you send a screenshot, make sure it's one of the full screen, maybe
we can notice something that will clarify what is going on.

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