Re: 3g command line

On 12/02/2010 05:00 PM, Ma Begaj wrote:
2010/12/2 Lennert Jansen<lennert twixel be>:
Hi there,

As I'm completely new&  surprised by network manager, my option GMT 382E
umts card got working instantly, 3g with Proximus in Belgium.
However, I'd like to use these kind of card with ubuntu server install, and
would like to know the commands to get this working from the command-line.

Any tips are welcome, seems I can't figure this out...
use nm-cli to list, start and stop connections.

you can connect with VNC to your server to create initial connection
settings or you
could import/set everything gconftool-2.

here is a discussion about that:

Ok, so to do it the 'nm' - way, I should generate a configuration that works on a pc with a graphical environment and load it via gconftool.

Problem is that these pc's run on small flash cards so they cannot afford to have a graphical environment. I can install the same ubuntu on a sata disk and generate config, and load that config on the pc with the flash card.

In that case, is nm monitoring the connection? Can I read out cellular/3g-reception somewhere from command line?

Many thanks,

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