Re: Enabling Deflate compression for DSL connections

On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 19:47 +0600, Alexander Konovalenko wrote:
> I'm trying to set up a PPPOE connection using an ADSL modem in bridge
> mode with NetworkManager 0.8. Everything looks fine, pppd can
> successfully establish the connection.
> But NetworkManager keeps adding the nodeflate option to the pppd
> command line no matter whether I check or uncheck the "Allow Deflate
> data compression" checkbox. How do I get rid of nodeflate? I'd like to
> use the Deflate compression.
> By the way, the "Allow BSD data compression checkbox" seems to work
> fine. A nobsdcomp option is added only when the checkbox is unchecked.
> But my ISP doesn't support BSD compression.

Looks like NM forces it to nodeflate internally for some reason.  That
code has been there since the beginning of PPPoE support I believe.  I
don't really have a problem making NM respect the user setting for
deflate, but I'm a bit concerned about whether this will introduce
regressions if for some reason the option negotiation doesn't go right.
However, are you able to test out a patch to see if deflate actually
works with your provider?


> I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 without latest security and bugfix updates.
> This looks like a bug but I'm new to NetworkManager and it might be me
> just doing something wrong. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.
>  -- Alexander
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